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Asseco Poland S.A.

ul. Olchowa 14, 35-322 Rzeszow

Head office:
phone: (+48 17) 888 55 55
fax: (+48 17) 888 55 50

Investor Relations

phone: (+48 22) 574 8200
fax: (+48 22) 574 8282


Paweł Satalecki
Senior IR Specialist
phone: (+48 22) 574 8658

What's more

Asseco Poland S.A. is the largest IT company listed on Warsaw stock exchange. It is also a major player in the European software producers market. We employ over 4,500 professionals in Poland.
We specialize in the production and development of software and as the largest software house with Polish capital is proud to successfully compete with the worldwide market leaders.
Asseco Poland S.A. is leading the way by building the international Asseco Group, which brings together profitable worldwide IT companies. As a leader, Asseco is consistently building holdings that operate in Europe.
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