Securing Digital Future through Innovative Solutions and Reliable Services
A message from Piotr Jeleński
We have been supporting our customers
on their digitalization journeys with our innovative products and services for many years now.
One of the significant products in this area
is Digital Origination beeing currently... 

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ASEE Enables Online Cash Loan Origination for Crédit Agricole in Serbia

Selling complex banking products online is still challenging for most banking institutions. However, trends of digitalization and fintech competition entice the banks to look for simple-to-use, yet secure and automated solutions to facilitate digital selling... 

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Payten to Complete First Transaction
with Card Tokenization in Insurance  

Payten completed the first online transaction with card tokenization in the insurance industry of Turkey. Payten Turkey General Manager Burak Kutlu said: “Insurance industry has grown 27% more despite the pandemic according to Turkish Insurance...

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VISA ATM DCC Implementation
for Vojvodjanska banka ad Novi Sad,
OTP Group and Postal Savings Bank in Serbia

In the third quarter of 2020, despite more difficult conditions
due to the COVID-19 crisis, Chip Card successfully implemented
Visa ATM DCC project for Vojvodjanska banka ad Novi Sad.

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ASEE in Serbia and Chip Card
among First Companies in Europe Holding Certificate of Compliance with GDPR
and Related Privacy Legislation (ISO 27701)


ASEE in Serbia is among the first companies in the private sector in Europe that has been awarded the accredited...

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eCommerce Implementation for SberBank AD

In collaboration with Monri and ASEE, Payten has completed eCommerce implementation for SberBank AD Banja Luka, further strengthening their successful long-term cooperation in the field of delivery and maintenance of POS terminals, ATMs and all related services. The project has been successfully...

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ASEE’s Fidelity is Live in All Branches
of Is Bank Turkey 

We are pleased to announce that Is bank in Turkey started using Fidelity for Real Estate and Construction management services in 1300+ branches in Turkey. With the solution, owned and leased real estate entities and construction projects are to be managed...

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Diebold Nixdorf ATM delivery for Sparkasse Bank and MF Bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina

During 2020, Payten has signed new contracts for Diebold Nixdorf ATM delivery to Sparkasse Bank and MF Bank. This delivery helps Sparkasse Bank and MF Bank to expand the ATM network and offer innovative services. The majority of new ATMs provide...

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Instant Payment System in Banka Poštanska Štedionica for Ultimate Customer Convenience
& Regulatory Compliance

Responding to the challenges and reshaping of the banking system, which asks for 24/7 availability and immediate realization of transactions, Banka Poštanska Štedionica partnered with...

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Smooth User Experience with Ultimate Security According to 3D Secure 2.0 - How ASEE Improved Mobile Payment Transaction Authorization for Credem Clients 

Find out how Credem, one of Italy's main banking groups, achieved smooth user experience with ultimate security...

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Bancassurance: How Digital Solutions Solve Critical Factors in Successful Cooperation Between Insurers and Banks.

In today’s complex, rapidly-changing, and competitive environment, the traditional insurance business models are disrupted by new technologies, evolving customer expectations...

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Time to Chat? Anytime, with Digital Assistant

Recent events have resulted in shifting direct interaction with customers and partners to a different channel of communication.  The logical choice has included channels such as web and mobile applications, e-mail, short messages, etc.  In these circumstances when everything proceeds quickly, the transition...

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Ensure Business Continuity with ACS & SxS Hosting - Secondary Site

To improve our 3D-Secure and authentication service we've set up a state-of-the-art secondary site in a Tier 3 Datacenter with an active-active data flow. This means that the data from the primary site is replicated to the secondary site almost in real-time and...

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Most Secure Digital Customer Journey with
our Multifactor Authentication Solution SxS

ASEE continuously delivers new versions of SxS (Security access server), introducing latest technological and functional features in the field of authentication. New version was recently released with the most eye-catching features that provide our...

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Banks’ ATM Networks – Costly Infrastructure in Cashless Times or a New Digital Channel?

ATMs were the first anytime service introduced by banks, and have been around for more than 50 years. They are vastly perceived to be simple cash dispensers, and while still needed, one might think that they are becoming costly and with...

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ABC: Brand New Content Services Platform

Pools of information fuel customer-oriented business, but overflows of unmanaged data strain the business processes, causing lack of efficiency. Expenses may rise, and compliance becomes questioned, threatening any organization’s success...

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> Conversational Banking - How AI Will Disrupt the Way We Interact with Banks 
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