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Asseco's mobile token will ensure the security of banking transactions

Asseco has developed a modern mobile application for convenient and secure authorization of online banking transactions - mToken Asseco MAA, which is available for download in Google Play and AppStore. Owing to the application, it is no longer needed to rewrite codes generated by hardware tokens or received through text messages. From now on, it will take only one click of a button on a mobile device to complete a transaction.

For many years, banks have been facing rising costs of authorization and communication with their customers. The mToken Asseco MAA application allows banks to reduce these costs and at the same time increase the security of transactions.

mToken Asseco MAA allows for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which guarantees a higher level of credibility and protection from fraud. Therefore, the application meets the PSD2 directive's recommendations. The application also enables communication with customers by means of PUSH messages, which are an excellent alternative to previously popular text messages. Owing to the Asseco's solution, a bank does not have to purchase any physical devices, and a customer does not have to rewrite additional codes from them. The application also allows to support multiple accounts in multiple banks. The costs associated with sending paid text messages are also eliminated.

The first customers of co-operative banks have already started using our new application. It gives them a fast, convenient and safe form of accepting Internet banking operations, said Andrzej Nowakowski, Director of the Cooperative Banks Division at Asseco Poland.

The mobile token's functionality offered by Asseco Poland under the name of mToken Asseco MAA is a way to reduce the costs of providing Internet banking services to customers. In our view, it also has the potential to help cooperative banks with attracting young people, for whom technical innovations are an important factor in the choice of a bank. It is also important that thanks to the implementation of the mToken technology, a bank will fulfill the obligations resulting from the PSD2 directive. Undoubtedly, the application also offers development potential and we can see the possibility of providing it with other interesting functionalities, said Piotr Mazur, IT Team Director at Poznański Bank Spółdzielczy.

The current trend of miniaturization directs activity away from notebooks and tablets towards mobile phones and smartwatches. As long as a telephone is needed in the form of an additional device for communication -  everyone would like to have everything they need in one place - in a place that is always with them and that they will not forget, like a wallet with documents. A mobile token is the basis of security and modernity - it gives us the opportunity to use banking anytime and anywhere, and also maintain all the standards of security and convenience (remember that soon the PSD2 Directive will come into force, which will change a lot on the market - especially in the field of e-commerce), said Roland Węgrzynowski, Head of the IT Team at Gospodarczy Bank Spółdzielczy w Barlinku.

mToken Asseco MAA can be used by retail and corporate customers of banks whose Internet systems are integrated with the application.

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The application can be downloaded from the following stores:
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