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Banking Software, depending on product line is on multitier architectures, MS SQL, MS.NET, Java, Oracle, IBM IFW data models, DB II. It integrates wide range of Computer Telephony technologies and applications, with built-in multi-channel support (voice, fax, SMS, e-mail). Our solutions also enable quick and secure access to financial information and services from mobile devices.
Our products are secure, flexible, modular and simple for implementation. Modularity allows step by step implementation based on the business development. They are with proven scalability (banks with more than 1 M accounts and 300 branches) and international sales ready (multi country/5, multi language/6).
Banking systems are cost effective, fast and reliable for large volume of cards holders. They support various international payment cards, are compliant, card processor independent/multi processors supported. Portfolio enables quick and secure access to financial information and services from mobile devices. They ensure encryption, authentication, data integrity and non-repudiation. Our solutions decrease approval process duration and simplify communication.

BI and Data warehousing


ASEBA Tezauri™ Basel II solution turns compliance with Basel II requirements into a strategic advantage.

Powerful Solution for Risk Classification and Calculation of Impairment and Provision.

OpRisk Solution helps uncover opportunities for business performance improvement, effective operational risk management and better decision-making.

World class scoring made simple.

Provides a complete data warehousing system for Romanian Statutory Reports and for the bank’s Groups and MIS Reports.

Aseba AML Anti-Money Laundering Solution is a total End To End solution

Channel solutions


ASEBA iBank is an integrated multichannel eBanking solution with support for retail and corporate banking.

For agents who want to offer their clients retail credit without making a visit to the bank, ASEBA Product Delivery presents the ideal solution.

Provide to banks customers a tool to complete banking transactions using a browser and an internet connection.

Experience Branch provides unified and easy to use and learn user interface which will replace all existing branch applications.

Customer Experience Insight centralizes information about customers within the bank and allows consistent and reliable service to all operating processes, providing a 360 degree view of business with a client.



We offer consultancy services in the area of digital banking and digital transformation. We work with banks and support them in their transition from ‘bricks’ to ‘clicks’.
Check how we see digital transformation and how we can help you.

Core banking


ASEBA abSolut is a system of software applications designed to support financial-banking activities.

ASEBA bApO, is an integrated banking solution for retail and corporate banking.

Credit registry solutions


 The Credit Registry System (CRS) automates bank’s needs for crediting process.



Trides - a complete 3D solution providing the ACS and MPI functionality.

NestCollect, an online card payment platform to handle large amount of payments between headquarter and their dealers.

NestPay is a ASEE-TR developed e-Commerce Secure Payment Platform.

MassPay is designed for institutions that accept high volume of scheduled payments.

Merchant Safe enables merchants to avoid storing credit/debit card data within their software environments.

Merchant Safe Mobile (MSM) payment service provides merchants with a simple, manageable and cost effective way of taking mobile payments for an almost limitless range of goods and services.

MerchantSafe Unipay is a risk reducing payment card tokenization, management and payment integration software for Merchants.



Insurance policies, complete management.

IT Infrastructure


Application Performance Monitoring

Leasing solutions


LeaseFlex is a web-based Lease and Asset Management software for equipment and consumer finance.

Integrated financial applications solution for a leasing company.

Mobile solutions


ASEBA JiMBa is a fully featured mobile banking platform for retail and corporate banking.

Authentication of e-banking and e-commerce applications directly from cell phone.

Payments & Card Systems


Loyalty4All solution for retaining and attracting new customers

InACT is a modular application that monitors and prevents transactional fraud and internal misuse, operational faults and transactions that are contrary to the legislation.

Personal Finance Management Solutions


ASEBA PFM is an advanced online Personal Finance Management (PFM) solution that enables bank’s online banking clients to manage their finances.

Security and Anti-Fraud


Credential Management System

Public Key Infrastructure Validation Authority Suite

ASEBA Authentication Server (SxS) is a two-factor authentication server specifically designed to meet the business and regulatory requirements of multi-channel organizations (financial institutions, managed service providers, and other organizations).

InACT is a modular application that monitors and prevents transactional fraud and internal misuse, operational faults and transactions that are contrary to the legislation.

Voice / Contact center


Speech recognition solutions are customized text-to-speech (TTS), speech recognition (SR) and voice verification applications developed by using Nuance and Sestek and VoiceWeb engines.

Real-time performance management solutions can shorten the time between the occurrence of the event and the response given to that.

The new generation outbound solution, can manage thousands of calls without any agents in a very short time, with lower-costs.

Agent Desktop Solutions are software applications built specifically to meet the needs of contact center agents.

ASEBA LIVE is an advanced CRM platform with support for different communication channels and business processes.

Asseco South Eastern Europe

The group Asseco SEE is the largest operator in South-Eastern Europe in terms of revenue derived from sales of its software and services. We offer competence, experience, knowledge and dedicated solutions.

We came into being as a result of the integration of competence, experience, knowledge, solutions and customer base of the nine major IT companies companies, operating in the region of Southeastern Europe.

Banking software product portfolio of Asseco South Eastern Europe covers following product lines: Core Banking Systems, Payment Systems, Channel Systems, Business Intelligence Systems.

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