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Experience Scoring application helps banks automate important operational decisions with predictive models. With simple yet powerful environment, easy access to data and built-in best practices, the solution enables holistic management of predictive models starting from development, ongoing validation and monitoring all the way to model revision and retirement.


How can our technology help banks? 

Experience Scoring solution helps automate very important operational decision using scorecards and other forms of predictive models.

Key Features

  • Scorecard Editor lets you combine expert judgment and data sample statistics in on place. 
  • Library of characteristics allows you to reuse and customize and effectively manage large collections of standard and custom fields and functions. 
  • Rapid Deployment Environment lets you deploy models without the usual trouble and recoding your applications.
  • Centralized Model Monitoring lets you sustain optimal power of your predictive models and govern their complete lifecycle. 
  • With Experience Scoring Connectors you can connect your existing applications and unlock the data within. 
  • Dataset Explorer lets you rapidly explore, import, sample, partition, merge, filter and analyze your datasets.

Key Benefits

  • Increase of approvals and reduction of bed debt 
  • Increase of precision and consistency of operational decisions in lending 
  • Sustained quality and optimal power of predictive models 
  • Empower your analysts to experiment and innovate 
  • Start experimenting within minutes, unlock your data in 24 hours 
  • Developing powerful predictive models from simple elements 
  • Easy access to published data and models 
  • Software as a Service deployment model let you avoid upfront investment and pay per request

Experience scoring solution includes the following components: 

Experience Scoring application is web-based solution available through web browser. It is created as a modern, highly interactive application with the use of drag-and-drop mechanisms and other elements that simplifies the work. It provides model development, validation, classification and production use. This application is intended for users in Risk Department.

Experience Scoring Excel Add- In allows the extension of standard Excel features with additional Experience Scoring functionalities. 

Main features of Excel Add-In: 

  • Calculate score (apply model to dataset) and metrics in excel with 9 custom graphical metrics 
  • Read dataset from various (preconfigured) sources or use data already in existing excel file. It can also access datasets imported into Experience Scoring system. 
  • Read model characteristics from Experience Scoring 
  • What if analysis, as easy as changing data in excel cells, user can change score for any given attribute or provide new rows of data for scoring in order to asses various simulated or real future cases.

Experience Scoring Monitoring reports are integrated into the web application. Reports for model monitoring enable analysts who designed models to gain insight into the quality of the model in use. There are 3 reports built in for this purpose: 

  1. Scorecard Statistical Report by Day for Bank follows the reversal of the decision 
  2. Scorecard Performance Report shows the quality of scoring 
  3. Population Stability Report, shows how model accuracy changes at different time intervals compared to the initial setting.

Experience Scoring service for scoring consumers. Service is called by any application that requires score calculation for someone or something. 

Experience Scoring database allows you to store data about models (definition), samples for testing, and various logs.

Options for installation

There are two options for installing and using Experience Scoring solution: 

  1. Outside of bank, on cloud environments (Microsoft Azure), with complete administration and updating, and monitoring of solution health done by Asseco.
  2. As on premise solution deployed within a bank. Asseco delivers updates across standard channels periodically. Bank ensures the availability and other aspects (backups, updating the operating system, etc.).


  • Web application works with Internet Explorer, Chrome or FireFox 
  • Excel add works with Excel 2007 or better.
  • On premise deployment: SQL Server 2008R2 or better, IIS 7.5 or better

For more information please visit or contact your regional Asseco office.


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