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By using the websites of the Asseco Capital Group which are located in the global domain and a local domain which are owned by Asseco Poland S.A. (hereinafter referred to as websites) you agree to use cookies in accordance with the policy below.

Websites automatically collect the information contained in cookies.

Cookies are computer data in the form of text files that are stored on the website user's device. They facilitate the identification of individual user preferences related to the functionality of the device and display the page tailored to the individual needs of the website user.

Information stored by the so-called “Cookie” usually include:

  • Name of a website
  • Cookie expiry time
  • Randomly generated identification number of the browser which is used to browse the website

Cookie files are used:

  • to adjust the website content to the device that you use and, more specifically, to display its content in the best quality and form matching the individual preferences of the User.
  • to better adjust the advertising content and texts available on websites.
  • to obtain aggregate anonymous statistical data to continuously improve the functionality of our website.
  • for advertising and remarketing purposes - websites may use cookie files to show the User ads adjusted to the User's preferences both on Asseco websites and other. to show ads that are most relevant in terms of the needs and interests of the user, they allow recording basic information about the use of websites, as well as other Internet sites.
    CAUTION: Cookie files do not enable recognition of the User's identity in any way.

The following types of cookie files are used within websites:

  • Session (temporary) cookie - stored on the User's device only when you are visiting the website, i.e. to the moment of logging out, exiting the website or exiting the browser by the User.
  • Persistent cookie - remain on the User's device until their duration period expires (i.e. the period of time parametrized for a particular cookie) or until they are removed by the User.
  • Essential cookie - enable using basic functionalities of the mentioned websites (e.g. remembering the order of visited sites in oder to be able to restore them "at the request" of the User).
  • Security cookie - used to control abuse in terms of visiting websites.
  • Functional cookie - ensure remembering custom settings of the User.
  • Advertising cookie - allow for measuring the effects of advertising campaigns and adjust ads to individual User.

Cookie settings are individual for each Internet browser. It is worth noting that a default option is accepting cookies. However, each user may disable this option completely or restrict, to some extent, accepting cookies in his or her device. Please be advised that this may affect the convenience of visiting websites; it may also cause inability or improper display of most websites. In some cases it is possible to set the browser in such a way that the question to accept the cookie files by the user is displayed every time. It gives the User the ability to control cookie, but it may slow down the browser. Failure to change settings regarding cookies means that they will be placed in the terminal device of the User, and thus the Asseco Capital Group information will be stored in the terminal device of the User and may have access to it.

In order to easily manage cookies, select your preferred browser and follow the instructions:

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