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Asseco Central Europe will deliver the “Integrated System of Public Health Authorities”

In Bratislava on January 9, 2020: Asseco Central Europe signed a contract with the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic (PHA) for the delivery of the “Integrated System of Public Health Authorities”. This is a national project for which is earmarked 17 982 240 € from the EU funds and the completion is planned for the end of 2021.

Thanks to the project, the Public Health Authority will increase the protection and support of the health of Slovak citizens. As an umbrella body for state health surveillance, the PHA carries out a number of inspections on a daily basis, resulting in measures with a direct impact on the health of individuals. It is therefore necessary to inform the general public of the findings in a timely manner.

The role of the Integrated System of Public Health Authorities project is to provide relevant and timely information to the public. Another benefit is that all employees of the PHA will work with an effective new tool. This will provide them more efficient functioning of workplaces in individual locations, planning of inspections or preventive measures. In addition, the project must also cover the PHA's wide range of competences.

Another significant benefit of the project is the saving of funds from the state budget of the Slovak Republic (savings administrative fees for 22 services).