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Thanks to state-of-the-art IT solutions, the healthcare sector has finally entered the 21st century. Managing operations of a medical facility, circulation of documents and a treatment process with the support of a user-friendly IT system translates into a more effective treatment, as well as greater patient and staff comfort. When an accurate diagnosis and software implementation is needed, you can rely on Asseco. We offer solutions for small medical practices and large hospitals, at regional and central level.

We offer variety of proprietary solutions:


Dedicated, unique and comprehensive systems and eHealth projects  for the government


Central transactional systems, portals and document circulation management systems for health insurance (DMS)


Hospital Information Systems (HIS), systems for medical practices (GP), electronic medical records

The largest IT supplier for the health care sector in Poland

  We support over 470 hospitals in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

  More than 64,000 clinics, medical units and practices use Asseco's solutions.

  Our Blood Bank system operates in 19 Blood Donation and Healing Centers and remaining 3 centers are supported in other areas.

  We carry out e-health projects, which are implemented by the Marshall and Voivodeship Office under regional projects.