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Workforce management and asset management for NEW Netz GmbH with SAMO by Asseco

NEW Netz GmbH commissioned Asseco to supply and implement a Workforce Management System (WFMS) and an Asset Management System (BIS) based on SAMO (Strategic Asset Management & Operations).

With the implementation of the asset management solution SAMO by Asseco, NEW Netz GmbH is pursuing the goal of creating a modern platform for all business services in order to ensure the sustainability of its IT system. The focus is on optimizing the support processes of fault management, maintenance and repair including maintenance and inspection work in the electricity, gas and drinking water sectors. For these processes, SAMO will also be used on a mobile basis. By default, mobile working with SAMO is done in online mode. If no connection to the server is available, the offline mode ensures autonomous working even under the most difficult conditions.

Part of the implementation of the WFMS and BIS is the migration of various data sources, such as detailed data of the gas pressure regulator stations, service connection data, digging work reports, vehicles, etc. into a central database.

In addition to the integration with Microsoft Office®, the document management system DMS enaio® and a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) with the one central asset management system based on SAMO, the new system will be connected to Smallworld GIS® und SAP® via interfaces. Together, all systems form an interconnected solution for process support to design, build and operation of networks and related assets.

The entire project will be implemented using an agile approach until the end of 2022.

NEW Netz GmbH is part of NEW AG, a municipal utility company on the Lower Rhine that supplies around 400,000 customers with electricity, 157,000 with gas and 102,000 with water.
As a distribution network operator, NEW Netz GmbH is responsible for energy supply in the Heinsberg district, Mönchengladbach, Viersen district and parts of the Rhine district of Neuss. About 830,000 people live in this region.

The core business of NEW Netz GmbH covers operating and continuously optimizing all local and regional electricity, gas and drinking water distribution networks and all basic metering point operations. NEW also operates as service providers for neighboring network operators.

NEW Netz GmbH in numbers:

10,000 km power supply lines
4,100 km gas pipelines
3,000 km drinking water pipelines
440,000 electricity metering locations
160,000 gas metering locations
105,000 water metering locations