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Asseco and Medicover Polska will improve communication with partner institutions

Medicover Polska and Asseco Poland have started cooperation on a new model of providing health care services. Its aim is to build a platform which will improve the communication and settlement of medical networks with partner institutions. Importantly, it can also be used by other networks which would like to improve the quality and efficiency of the services provided.

The difficult flow of information, the lack of access to patient data and visits calendar - these are frequent problems faced by medical networks cooperating with partner institutions. The new platform, created in cooperation between Medicover Polska and Asseco Poland, will ensure the automation of booking and confirming visits to cooperating institutions and the settlement of fees for medical services, also available online.

Efficient cooperation between partner institutions and medical networks

The new solution will introduce a number of facilitations in the process of providing health care services. Ultimately, the networks which will benefit from the solution will also be able to manage electronic medical records through it. This will translate into faster diagnosis and the access to data and improved quality of patient care.

In today's world, digital solutions are the basis for quality and efficient delivery of medical services. Patients are also increasingly more willing to use mobile applications, expect electronic access to examination results or decide to contact a doctor remotely. Thanks to the new solution, Medicover Polska's patients will be able to search and book online a medical visit not only in our medical centers, but also in all cooperating institutions throughout the country, said John Stubbington, COO Healthcare Services, Medicover.

It is a unique project based on a partnership cooperation and the innovative approach of Asseco Poland and Medicover Polska to develop proprietary solutions for the healthcare sector. Its implementation will not only ensure efficient service provided by partner branches, but will also allow to achieve the three most important objectives facing the healthcare sector worldwide, namely improving the quality of services as well as increasing their availability and economic efficiency, said Krzysztof Groyecki, Vice President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland.

The first phase of the project is planned to be completed by the end of 2019 and the second phase by mid 2020. The solution will also be continuously extended with new functionalities in order to address the challenges faced by the health sector in the best possible way, while setting new standards in the medical care market.


Asseco Poland is the largest Polish IT company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). For over 27 years it has been creating technologically advanced software for companies and institutions from key sectors of the economy. It is a leader in the market of IT solutions for healthcare and a manufacturer of proprietary IT solutions used by over 450 hospitals in Poland, units of the National Health Fund, blood donation and blood transfusion centers, health resorts, as well as about 10,000 clinics and doctor's surgeries.
Medicover Polska has been providing its patients with full medical care for over 20 years, including ambulatory services, laboratory and imaging diagnostics, dentistry and comprehensive hospital care. It offers services available in the form of subscriptions and medical insurance, which are intended for both companies and individual customers. Medicover Polska is present in all regions of Poland. For more information, please visit

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