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Asseco continues to operate the central insurance system in the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund

The agreement for "Comprehensive operation of IT systems supporting the service of insurance and short-term benefits" was signed on 02.07.2018 and will be valid for the next 4 years. The gross value of the contract executed by the consortium of Asseco Data Systems (leader) and Asseco Poland amounts to PLN 58.056 million.

The central system of the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (nSIU System) is responsible for handling social and health insurance, as well as short-term benefits and accidents in agriculture. It is used daily by more than 3,000 Agricultural Social Insurance Fund employees, to whom it provides all functionalities online - documents are generated in real time upon the user's request. The main element of the system is the central repository of personal data of persons insured via the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, which is a reference for other systems of the Fund, such as the FARMER pension service system, the Workflow system integrating the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund branch systems, or the e-KRUS Portal subsystem. The solution is also integrated with the systems of other public institutions: i.a. the Ministry of Interior Register - PESEL, NFZ, MRPiPS, PFRON, ARiMR.

This agreement is a continuation of our more than 20 years of cooperation with the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund.  Extensive experience in supporting the statutory tasks of the Fund will allow us to effectively coordinate such a complex project. Apart from maintenance, service and updating of the system, we are also responsible for operation of two independent computing centers, coordination of external audits, analytical work, tests, as well as regular consultations and training, says Lech Szczuka, Vice President of the Management Board of Asseco Data Systems SA, who is also the Head of the Agricultural Insurance Division at Asseco Poland.

The project will be implemented by Asseco Data Systems in consortium with Asseco Poland, which will be primarily responsible for managing the database. Asseco Poland is the author of the Workflow system used by the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund and will be responsible for communication of the nSIU system with systems of external institutions.

The nSIU program was written in the JAVA EE technology and is supported on the basis of the outsourcing cooperation model. Data processing is performed in two computing centers of Asseco Data Systems with simultaneous data replication to the backup center. The system has been functioning in the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund since 2015 and supports more than 50 million user queries per month.

The agreement with the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund provides for the system to be updated on an ongoing basis and adapted to new organizational and legal requirements. In addition to maintaining the system, Asseco Data System also provides technical support and end-user support.