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Asseco launches additional e-services for cooperative banks

The ongoing epidemiological threat has caused difficulties in the functioning of bank branches. Financial institutions are calling for the use of mobile access channels or internet banking. In response to the needs of banks and their clients, Asseco Poland has extended the functionality of its internet banking system and enabled bank clients to remotely handle a number of issues which, earlier, had had to be dealt with in person at a bank branch. The solution is available to all banks using the Internet Service Centre.

The closure of schools and kindergartens has made it necessary to take care of children at home all day long. Instantly, this has limited the number of employees working at bank branches.
Due to the risk of infection, customers also avoid going out. Due to the increased demand for remote banking services, Asseco Poland has launched the "Requests" mini-application in Asseco CBP internet banking. It allows for handling, without leaving home, over a dozen of the most common issues that customers normally settle at bank branches.
The mini-application will enable clients to, among others, cancel their identity documents, postpone the repayment of credit installments, grant the power of attorney to the account or purchase insurance.

"Taking into account the importance of the efficient operation of a cooperative bank in a local environment and in order to support bank employees who are ready to provide service to customers at this difficult time, often putting their own health at risk, we have decided to provide cooperative banks with a solution which will allow bank customers to deal with many issues that have so far required a personal visit to a bank in a simple and intuitive way. We will expand their catalog so that customer service can move to the digital world as much as possible. We are convinced that this will make it easier for banks and their customers to operate in the present situation, which is difficult for all of us - said Andrzej Nowakowski, Cooperative Banks Division Director at Asseco Poland.

In order to enable banks to take advantage of this modern service, based on the Internet Service Centre, they have been provided with the Asseco ABP system, owing to which a bank can process requests submitted by a client. Each time a submitted request is authorized via a measure assigned to the Internet banking user, which meets the requirements of a strong authorization, pursuant to the PSD2 Directive.