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Asseco partners up with Cybersec PL

The state, the army, the future and the business - these are four key subjects of the Second Polish Cybersecurity Forum - Cybersec PL. The meeting is a platform for exchanging views on cyberspace and digitization and assessing key cybersecurity challenges. One of the experts who took part in the event was Deputy Director of the Public Administration Division in Asseco Poland Zdzisław Wiater - he participated in a debate on cyberdefence of Poland after the NATO summit in Warsaw.

Asseco's representatives, together with Head of the Information Systems Inspectorate at the Ministry of Defence, Colonel Paweł Dziuba and Legal Adviser at the NATO Joint Force Training Center in Bydgoszcz, Commander Wiesław Goździewicz discussed the measures taken by the Polish Ministry of Defence following the last year's NATO summit as well as the public-private cooperation in the area of cybersecurity in the situation of a threat to the country.


It is clear that the Ministry of Defence has been carrying out the tasks that were designated to it at the NATO summit in Warsaw - said Zdzisław Wiater. There is no safe state without a modern army, but also without safe sectors or well-protected and stable large IT systems used by the state administration - he added.


The meeting also addressed the challenges for the cybersecurity of the Polish industry, data protection in the digital society and Polish cybersecurity innovations.


The mission of CYBERSEC PL is to build national capabilities to strengthen Poland's cybersecurity system. The purpose of the event is to create solutions that support effective and sovereign strategy in the field of cyberspace and the development of the Polish economy. The conference is co-organized with the Kościuszko Institute.