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Asseco supports digital transformation of Democratic Republic of Congo

Asseco has signed a letter of intent with the Digital Development Agency, which is responsible for developing digital services in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The document lays the groundwork for a portfolio of projects to support the country's digitization process, estimated to cost nearly €40 million.

Under the cooperation with Asseco, this second-largest country in Africa will develop a GIS geographic information system, which will be an important element in the development of the agri-food sector. There are also plans to implement a system for handling public procurement, a platform to support farmers - a farm registry, and an agricultural education system to support local entrepreneurship. Asseco’s team will also provide support in establishing an education center for future experts in the field of digitization.

"This is another such venture undertaken by Asseco on the African continent, said Paweł Hansdorfer, Director of Foreign Markets, Asseco Data Systems. After Zambia and the Republic of Togo where we launched Cyber Defence Africa in cooperation with the local government, we are finalizing another major project supported by the European Union. This is another unique project, this time aimed at supporting the digitization of ministries, particularly the agriculture sector, where we are leveraging our experience from Central Europe and supporting EU development goals in Africa, he added."

The projects implemented in partnership with Asseco are part of the "National Digital Plan - Horizon 2025," which is a set of nearly 70 priority initiatives for the digitization of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The cost of the investments is estimated at nearly €40 million. Asseco will use the European Union Guarantee Fund to obtain financing for these projects through Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK).

The next step in the cooperation will be to clarify its scope and sign a final agreement. Under it, a company will be formed to oversee the smooth progress of the projects.