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Asseco supports the development of broadband networks

Asseco took part in the 8th edition of the Broadband Network Conference which was held in Warsaw on 31 March 2016. The main objective of the conference was to share experiences and conduct a debate on ensuring general access to high-speed Internet in Poland. The conference was attended among others by Anna Streżyńska, Minister of Digitization, and Jerzy Kwieciński, State Secretary at the Ministry of Development.

The conference addressed many of the key issues related to the process of digitization in Poland. The participants held a discussion about broadband network investments and the sources of their financing. They also contemplated whether the market of broadband networks will be fragmented or it will rather undergo a consolidation of infrastructure and operators.


In addition, the attendees discussed the technologies that can contribute to the construction of broadband networks. This panel was initiated with a presentation delivered by Radosław Semkło, Managing Director of the Telecommunications and Media Division at Asseco Poland and member of the Program Council.


“Tens of thousands of kilometers of broadband networks are being currently constructed throughout Poland,” said Radosław Semkło. “This new infrastructure will enable local providers to ensure internet access even to people living in the smallest towns. However, they will need to use appropriate software solutions in order to be able to serve their customers efficiently and provide them with attractive offers,” he added.


Such a system has been already developed by Asseco on the basis of experience gained when implementing the “Internet for Mazovia” project as well as long-term cooperation with the telecommunications sector. Asseco CSE is a response to the needs of optimizing IT infrastructure, managing services in real-time, as well as marketing of converged products that combine several services together into a bundle (e.g. Internet, television and electricity).

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