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The YOUPLUS group enters the Swiss market with Asseco’s digital solution

Prague, May 2023: The YOUPLUS insurance company continues to pursue its ambitious plan and expands its presence in Europe with an IT solution by Asseco Central Europe. Following successful cooperation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria, the insurance company entered the Swiss market with life insurance products in early 2023. Using Asseco Central Europe’s Insurance out of the Box solution for comprehensive life insurance allows YOUPLUS to provide state-of-the-art and fully digitised life insurance services in these countries.

YOUPLUS, a Liechtenstein life insurance company, entered the Czech and Slovak market in 2019 with the aim of building a fully digitised insurance business. The company achieved that goal by using Asseco Central Europe’s Insurance out of the Box (IooX) solution and now offers comprehensive digital services.

“We are combining many years of insurance know-how with world-class technology to create a new independent service provider. The innovative solutions we bring to our clients and business partners are reliable, easy to use and stable,” said Martin Vogl, Chairman of the Board of YOUPLUS Holding, AG.

The IooX (Insurance out of the Box) software solution is a modern platform that efficiently unifies all administrative tasks related to life and non-life insurance, including medical underwriting, into a single online mode. The platform provides a comprehensive solution for front-end as well as back-office processes and helps insurance companies gain a competitive advantage both in their domestic markets and abroad.

Implementing the IooX solution significantly helped YOUPLUS to successfully enter the Swiss market in early 2023. The advanced and fully digitised life insurance services and the integration of key brokers allowed the insurance company to conclude over 1,300 insurance contracts in a record time of 9 weeks. This has once again demonstrated the competitiveness and innovation of YOUPLUS on an international level.

“Thanks to our cooperation with YOUPLUS, we have successfully implemented the IooX software solution for comprehensive life insurance available online, which has become the link between our ambitious plans and the client’s needs. We are proud to have been able to provide a competitive advantage and expand into new markets,” said Lenka Hritzová, Business Unit Director Insurance, Asseco Central Europe.

YOUPLUS is the first insurance company to have launched new life insurance products in the Swiss market over the last 30 years.