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Asseco Academy starts new training programme in Angola

Asseco Academy has started the 6th edition of its training programme in Angola, aimed at young and recent graduates who want to specialise in the banking area. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this is the second time that the training, structured into eight modules, takes place with a hybrid system.

The first time that the PFS Certification Programme was concluded in a b-learning format was precisely the previous edition, in which the course was stopped in the middle due to the entry into force of the state of emergency in Angola. In the programme that has just started, face-to-face classes represent 77% of the course and remote classes the remaining 23%.

The intensive training course lasts 240 hours, over a period of eight weeks, and the costs are fully funded by Asseco PST, at no charge to the trainees.

In this programme, the Asseco Academy presents training content covering the various areas of the banking business, including topics such as financial markets and products, payment methods, retail banking solutions, debit and credit card solutions, and credit and payment transfers, among others.

Students are successively assessed through practical work done in each module, regular tests at the end of each module and a final assignment. Trainees who successfully complete the programme are qualified to provide a differentiated service with greater added value.

In the five previous editions held in Angola, 85 trainees successfully completed the programme. In each edition, Asseco PST receives an average of 1,000 applications, which attests to the huge number of young people signing on to the programme.

Launched in January 2018, Asseco Academy also conducts training programmes in Mozambique and Cape Verde. In addition to the PFS Certification Programme, the academy's portfolio also includes standard courses (for needs across the financial sector) and tailor-made courses.