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Asseco Solidária fulfils social missions

Asseco Solidária is the vehicle par excellence of our social responsibility in various countries. Even with the constraints of the pandemic, in 2021 we carried out a dozen initiatives aimed at promoting the dignity, protection and safety of those most in need. Now, with the ongoing war in Ukraine, the chain of solidarity is back in operation.

You can never have too many social actions. Last year, Asseco Solidária intervened in the three main locations where we operate: Angola, Mozambique and Portugal.

In Angola, essential goods were donated to the David Bernardino Paediatric Hospital, along with printers and toners for INTASA - Instituto Angolano de Solidariedade de Artes e Saber (Angolan Institute for Solidarity in Arts and Knowledge).

In Mozambique, the focus was on the donation of basic goods to the population of Cabo Delgado, in the northeast end of the country, the target of armed groups that have spread terror throughout the province. The donation was made through the Makhobo platform.

In Madeira, where the company has its roots, we partnered with DN Madeira to bring the magic of Christmas to 800 underprivileged children and we chose to accompany and support a disadvantaged family living in Funchal that had been affected by last winter's floods.

Also in Funchal, as well as in Lisbon, we delivered 120 sleeping bags for homeless people; this material was channelled through three solidarity institutions (Associação CASA, Comunidade Vida e Paz, and Legião da Boa Vontade).

As for partnerships, the highlight was also our three partnerships with Make-A-Wish, in the programmes 'Move For Wish Kids', 'Realizar 1 Desejo' and 'Estrelas de Natal'.

In addition, we collaborated with ENTRAJUDA to prepare solidarity hampers and a donation was made to the Food Bank in Lisbon. Lastly, we signed a sponsorship to provide equipment to a women's under-20 handball team.

In recent days, the war in Ukraine and the plight of hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing a martyred country have captured our attention. In a short period of time, we managed to collect and deliver a set of essential goods, including food and health equipment, donated by our employees.

In coordination with the parish church of Campo Grande and the Parish Council of Alvalade, all the donations were forwarded to the trucks that are leaving daily for the areas in need of Eastern Europe.

All these actions, coordinated by Team Solidário, were only possible with everyone's collaboration. The pandemic has changed our routines, but it has not made us forget the values of giving, sharing and volunteering. Only in this way was it possible to raise the funds and goods that allows us to continue helping those who need it most.