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Asseco invests in Polish startups

Asseco Group has invested in Modulus, a Polish startup specializing in advanced cloud solutions and services for UI/ UX design. This represents Asseco’s first investment of this kind on the domestic market.

Asseco Group grew again and now includes Modulus, an expert software house based in Kraków. Modulus delivers innovative IT solutions within the Software as a Service (SaaS) area, cloud platforms (PSaaS), and services in the area of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designing. This investment forms part of the company strategy of developing proprietary innovative IT products and advanced IT services related to design and implementation of IT systems.


Adam Góral, CEO of Asseco Poland: The increasing role of startups in product development within the new technologies industry is a much-discussed topic in Poland and around the world. Asseco has, for quite some time already, closely monitored this market in search of innovative products and groups of people with great potential. Modulus represents world-class quality, and I am confident that this team will add a lot of value to our Group.


Mikołaj Dunikowski, CEO of Modulus Sp. o.o.: Modulus adheres to the principle that the most beautiful solutions are those that stem from R&D, while being deeply rooted in market realities, and solve real problems faced by millions of people every day. Joining Asseco was a completely natural step for Modulus, having watched the development of Asseco Group and its consistently implemented strategy of innovation. Asseco sees the potential in the innovative line of products we created and our expertise in the area of User Experience that both set market trends for quite some time already, and that we use symbiotically when working on large projects for our customers in the European market. Joining the Asseco Group will facilitate achieving our global ambitions.


Acquisition of shares Modulus is part of Asseco strategy, which assumes growth through acquisitions and the development of innovative solutions.


Adam Góral: I perceive the cooperation with startups as a way of harnessing innovation. That’s also the reason why we are constantly investing in R&D. We spent PLN 136m in Poland, and PLN 508m across the entire Group on R&D activities just last year. As a result, we create products that are not only very good, but above all are helping our customers effectively meet the increasing demands of the markets in which they operate.


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