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Asseco partners the Cooperative Banks Leaders’ Forum

Asseco took part in the Cooperative Banks Leaders’ Forum in Warsaw for the 7th time already. The company presented the Asseco CBP – a platform for Internet and mobile banking. The Forum, held on 13 and 14 September, was attended by 500 participants. This year’s theme was the implementation of key organizational and business solutions for cooperative banks.

Andrzej Nowakowski, Director of the Cooperative Banks Division:  Our main goal was to show the Forum participants what our new solution –the  Asseco Customer Banking Platform (Asseco CBP), which has so far been made available to customers of 50 cooperative banks – is capable of. That’s why we organized a competition where the participants, using the demo version of the solution, could try out the system and familiarize themselves with its main functions and miniapplications.

Prizes were drawn among those banks’ representatives who gave correct answers to the quiz questions and opened a virtual term deposit using the Asseco CBP.


This conference is the single largest annual meeting of cooperative banks in Poland. This year's edition was attended by presidents and members of the boards of cooperative banks, representatives of central and local government, the parliament, financial and banking institutions, including the President of the Polish Bank Association - Krzysztof Pietraszkiewicz and the President of the Polish National Bank - prof. Dr hab. Adam Glapiński.

This event, partnered by Asseco, is organized by the Polish Bank Association together with associating banks: BPS S.A. and SGB-Bank S.A.

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