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Asseco Poland will create a digital data library for the Ministry of National Defense

Each year, the Polish army produces terabytes of digital data for the purposes of military cartography, among others. That is why it is so crucial that it has a central data repository, which will be used by all units under the Ministry of National Defense. Such a function is to be performed by the new IT system Geoserwer 2, which will be delivered by Asseco Poland under the agreement signed with the Military Geographic Centre. The new server will act as a central, digital catalogue of geographic data, including archive data. Thanks to this, each of the cooperating systems will gain access to the same information.

The new investment of the Ministry of National Defense is part of the plan to modernize the Polish army in the area of command and intelligence support systems. Under the agreement, Asseco Poland will provide software and hardware as well as conduct necessary training courses for employees of the Military Geographic Centre, which is responsible for the collection and processing of terrain information, development of digital and paper maps and surveying work, among others. The implementation of the new system will ensure that the Polish army units have access to up-to-date and accurate information about the geographical area in which the military operations will be carried out. Ultimately, Geoserwer 2 is to ensure effective work for nearly 500 of its users. The expected implementation is scheduled for the last quarter of 2018.


The Geoserwer 2 procedure was the only large tender for an IT system settled by the Armament Inspectorate this year. This is a great distinction for us and a confirmation of Asseco's competence as a provider of advanced IT solutions for the uniformed services. It is also worth noting that Asseco is the only Polish company with a ready-made imaging analysis system (SAO) capable of working with Geoserwer 2, said Zdzisław Wiater, Director of the Military Area at Asseco Poland.


Asseco Poland is a provider of solutions for the Polish uniformed services, the NATO institutions and agencies (JFTC, JWC, JALLC, ACT, NSPA, IMS, NCIA) as well as the EU institutions (FRONTEX, ESA and EDA). The company meets the highest standards of data protection and secret information flow. It is the first and only Polish software producer to join an elite group of companies, which have organizational units with a prestigious CMMI-3 certificate, thanks to which it can successfully compete not only in Poland, but also in international markets.