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Asseco helps hospitals serve COVID-19 patients

"Together Against COVID" is a package of IT tools made available to medical institutions free of charge by Asseco Poland S.A.. The prepared IT solutions improve the management in case of a diagnosis or suspicion of coronavirus and facilitate remote contact with a patient. The services have been prepared using the National Cloud infrastructure.

Since April, Asseco Poland has been enabling medical institutions to implement free of charge IT tools that improve communication with patients. Due to the great interest in the package "#stayhome, Patient", further tools have been developed to support hospitals in fighting the coronavirus.

"During the pandemic, it is crucial for medical facilities to maintain continuity of medical care on the one hand, and on the other hand, to implement and apply appropriate safety procedures in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. IT solutions come in handy" - said Jan Butkiewicz, Deputy Director of the Sales Department at the Healthcare Division of Asseco Poland.

With a view to the actions to be taken by a medical facility in the event of a patient with suspected or diagnosed COVID-19 virus, Asseco has prepared two unique services that have been added to the ICT services package.

A special BioHazard module will allow a hospital to properly mark and search for patients with suspected COVID-19 or other serious viral or bacterial disease in its database.

The second tool is the COVID Patient Register, which will enable integration with the COVID National Patient Register. This will eliminate possible duplication of information entered and immediately confirm the case of previous coronavirus diagnosis. Hospitals will also have access to the 'PreTRIAGE' records form, which includes medical history information.

Other solutions made available under the "Together against COVID" package support remote communication with a patient. Tele-advice, using audiovisual communication technology, allows doctors to give advice remotely, providing access to a patient's digital medical records. E-Notifications improve communication with a patient via automatic SMS or e-mail messages. Their important functionality is also the possibility to send a PIN code for e-Prescription. In turn, E-Confirmations enable a patient to easily confirm or cancel a visit by e-mail or text message, thus freeing overloaded telephone lines of medical facilities and reducing the number of uncancelled visits.

Launching the additional IT services does not require a complex implementation
and additional infrastructure investments by a medical facility. Also a patient does not need to install any software, the only requirement is the access to a web browser on a phone or computer.

The package "Together against COVID" can be used by AMMS users. The service is available free of charge until July 31, 2020. For more information and a contact form, please see