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Asseco focuses on user experience

Asseco was the gold sponsor of the UX Poland conference, held in Warsaw between 11 and 14 April. This is one of the most prestigious and significant events of its kind in Europe. Around 400 participants took part in lectures and workshops, spanning four days.

The event provided an opportunity to exchange know-how and good practices. Asseco monitors  current trends closely, in order for its software to meet the highest global standards.

User Experience is one of the most important aspects taken into account when developing software nowadays. Expected as a well-established standard are solutions that provide intuitive navigation, are aesthetically pleasing, can do everything that they are asked to do at that very moment. We want to provide exactly that kind of software at Asseco - commented Sławomir Ziajka, Head of the Department of Planning and Product Development at Asseco Poland.

Asseco also took patronage over a workshop entitled 'Smart electricity? Let's design the future of Customer Experience in the utilities industry.' The subject of smart electricity is particularly dear to Asseco; the company has been cooperating with the utilities sector for a long time. One of its flagship products is the Asseco Utility Management Solutions, a modern CIS-class system, which was the only Polish solution featured in the prestigious 'Magic Quadrant' report by Gartner.

Energy companies compete for customers ever so strongly, using advanced IT systems. They are used by both the company employees and by the end consumers. It is important that the systems are functional, easy to use, safe and user-friendly - said Tomasz Bendlewski, Head of the Energy Department at Asseco Poland.

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