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Asseco Opens a training center for operators of Unmanned Vehicles in Nigeria

Asseco has opened a certified training center for operators of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) along with a maintenance center in Nigeria. The Company has already conducted first training sessions for the operators. The project is a result of the cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology from the Lagos State in Nigeria.

Asseco's cooperation with the Nigerian government administration takes place within the framework of an agreement concluded in 2017. The solutions that Asseco will provide will be the essential component of the Geographical Information System (eGIS) currently under implementation in the Lagos State. It will enable, among others, a more effective planning of this African region's development and management of land administration resources, as well as monitoring of environmental pollution.

The launch of the training centre is the first stage of the project in Nigeria. The official opening was attended by a representative of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Lagos State - Commissioner Hakeem Popoola Fahm and Simon Melchior, CEO of Asseco Nigeria. In turn, Asseco Poland was represented by Mr. Zdzisław Wiater, Director of the Security Sector Solutions and International Institutions Divisions of Asseco Poland and Tomasz Mosiej, Chief Architect of Unmanned Systems. During the visit to Nigeria, a meeting was also held with the representatives of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency and the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority to discuss the future operation of the unmanned aerial vehicles in the airspace of Nigeria.

The training centre developed by Asseco in Lagos is the first investment of its kind in the region and one of the first in Africa. Ultimately, it will train about 100 people per year. The scope of training will include the operation and use of multirotor platforms and airframes, as well as software support for building a digital terrain model. The workshops will be conducted by experts from Asseco Poland and Asseco Nigeria, said Zdzisław Wiater.

As part of the planned next stage of the project, Asseco will provide unmanned vehicles to perform long-distance photogrammetric missions over the Lagos State. The solution will also consist of two control stations - Asseco Ground Control Station (Asseco GCS) with software and the Asseco Universal Simulation Environment (Asseco USE), which is a flight simulation system. Asseco will also train the operators and conduct tests of the system operation.


Asseco Poland is the largest Polish IT company listed on the WSE and the 6th largest software developer in Europe. It has been providing companies and institutions with advanced products and services for over 25 years. It leads international Asseco Group, which operates in 54 countries and employs over 24,000 people. Asseco is a recognized provider of solutions for Polish uniformed services and has been increasingly active in the defense sector. The Company has gained its experience in carrying out projects for various clients, including the Ministry of the National Defense, NATO (eg. NATO Compiter Incident Response Capability) and Frontex. It uses the experience gained in projects implemented for international institutions in tenders resulting from the program of modernization of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, such as: command system, image analysis system, micro and mini unmanned systems and information security systems.