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Asseco in TOP 3 of the Forbes Dividend Companies Ranking

Asseco has been ranked among the top 3 private listed companies paying the highest dividends according to the Forbes ranking. The list includes companies from various sectors of the economy, and is based on the data for 2019.

Asseco regularly shares profits with its shareholders and for over a decade has been paying out high dividends every year. In total, the Company paid out PLN 26.49 per share, which means that long-term shareholders have received a refund of half of the present value of Asseco Poland's shares (at the end of August).

According to the organizers of the ranking of companies paying dividends, there is a steady increase in the number of companies paying dividends. Such a situation is connected with the development of the domestic economy. Companies are also becoming stronger in terms of capital and can afford to pay out profits in the form of dividends.