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Asseco to Build the Medical Information System for Subkarpathian Province

Asseco Poland has concluded a contract worth nearly PLN 60 million (gross) with the Marshal’s Office of Subcarpathian Province. The agreement includes the computerization of eight local hospitals and the launch of a wide range of e-health services for residents of the region.

Subcarpathian Province aims to provide its population with the most advanced technologies to ensure remote access to medical services. Software solutions to be implemented under the project will also enable more rational management of resources available to Subcarpathian hospitals.


The project will be executed by Asseco in partnership with eight provincial hospitals. They will be equipped with computer hardware, network infrastructure, as well as diagnostic and radiological equipment. In addition, they will benefit from the implementation of Asseco’s comprehensive IT suite called the Asseco Medical Management Solutions (AMMS).


An integral part of the project is the Regional Medical Information Center which will be constructed entirely (hardware plus software) by Asseco Poland. Using the company’s proprietary solutions, doctors and patients will gain access to information and medical services in real time. It will be possible to check the availability of specialists in health centers online as well as to register for a visit over the Internet. The system will ensure access to patient medical records, enable ordering of medical procedures among hospitals according to their availability, as well as provide information on the availability of beds or health specialists at hospitals, which is so important for emergency medical services.


Along with the platform supporting online supervision through instant access to financial, medical and property reports, all of the above-mentioned e-services will form a countrywide unique solution –
no other province has so far implemented such a comprehensive range of electronic services in healthcare.