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E-signature by Asseco enters the health market

Electronic documentation has become not only a legal requirement, but can also improve the efficiency of a medical facility. Therefore, the network of rehabilitation clinics and nursing homes ORPEA Polska has decided to purchase 500 qualified electronic signatures in the cloud - SimplySign. They were made available through Asseco Medical Management Solutions (AMMS), which has been already running in the network's units. This is the largest implementation of a signature in the SaaS model in Poland, carried out for a health care unit.

A qualified electronic signature in the cloud is used to authenticate medical documentation, test orders, medicine applications and entries (key from the point of view of the treatment process) directly from the Hospital Information System - HIS. It can also be used to sign financial, HR, tax and other civil law documents. This type of solution does not require the connection to workstations of any devices or external media, or the installation of additional software. This ensures that a signature is completely independent of hardware, thus ensuring mobility, which was not possible up until now.

The launch of a qualified signature service in the AMMS system gave us a lot of possibilities. Achieving necessary savings was crucial. An electronic cloud signature is not permanently assigned to one person. Owing to this, in the event of any personnel changes, the selected license goes to a free pool and can be assigned to a new employee without incurring any costs. An additional benefit is the simple operation of the AMMS application, which is already well known to our staff. In addition, the certificate is stored in the cloud, so, for example, one cannot forget to take it to work, which used to happen with traditional solutions, said Paweł Szymański, IT Director, ORPEA Polska.

From the business point of view, a qualified electronic signature ensures interoperability and the cross-border use of electronic documents. Owing to this, a medical facility can cooperate with many entities in the country and abroad. This includes the exchange of documentation, commissioning tests, as well as contacts with medicine and equipment suppliers. Additionally, the launch of the signature in the AMMS application significantly streamlines the process of patient service and unit management, said Krzysztof Groyecki, Vice President of the Management Board, Asseco Poland.

The implementation of a qualified electronic signature in a medical facility allows for the complete elimination of the paper circulation ofdocuments both within a unit and in relations with external entities. Such opportunities are not offered by a "trusted signature" or a "PUE ZUS signature", which are legally permissible only in strictly defined cases, said Artur Miękina, Key Projects Sales Director at the Security and Trust Services Division, Asseco Data Systems.

According to the EU regulation 910/2014 (the so called eIDAS), a qualified electronic signature is recognized in all EU member states. An electronic document is as important as the one having a handwritten signature.

The agreement with Asseco was concluded for a period of 5 years.

Website of Qualified Electronic Signature SimplySign by Asseco

Website of Asseco Medical Management Solutions - the system for hospitals and large health units


Asseco Poland is the largest Polish IT company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). For 25 years it has been developing technologically advanced software for companies and institutions from key sectors of the economy. It is currently the largest IT company in Central Europe and the sixth largest software producer in Europe. It is a leader on the market of IT solutions for health care and the manufacturer of proprietary IT solutions used by over 450 hospitals in Poland, units of the National Health Fund, Blood Donation and Blood Treatment Centers, health resorts, as well as over 14,000 clinics and surgeries. Asseco successfully passed the Connectathon IHE marathon in The Hague in 2018. This is an official confirmation of Asseco's effective interaction with other IT solutions and their compatibility with IHE integration profiles. The use of IHE profiles is recommended by the European Commission and the Centre for Health Information Systems (CSIOZ).

ORPEA Polska (formerly MEDI-system) has been operating since 2001. It is a leader in inpatient long-term care. It offers nearly 1,000 places in nine modern centers - nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics, mainly in the Mazovia voivodeship, as well as in Chorzów and Wrocław, where apart from a nursing home there are also Senior Homes (the assistedliving formula). The centers specialize in care and treatment services as well as in neurological, general and cardiological rehabilitation. Over 750 people (nurses and carers, physiotherapists, doctors, occupational therapists, speech therapists and psychologists, auxiliary and administrative staff) take care of the health and safety of residents and patients. ORPEA Polska offers care in rehabilitation wards and care and treatment centers (ZOL) as part of the National Health Fund or in a commercial form. The company is part of Europe's largest network of nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics - ORPEA - present in the sector since 1989 and with a potential of nearly 87,000 places (more than 850 facilities) in 10 European countries, as well as in Brazil and China.