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Mobile banking solution using USSD technology

Asseco PT has developed a mobile banking solution using USSD technology that is already available in the market for the financial institutions it regularly works with. The objective is to enable these institutions to offer accessible and convenient banking services to their customers, regardless of their location or possession of advanced mobile devices.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) technology is an interactive communication tool that allows mobile phone users to access banking services through a simple text interface. This solution utilizes this technology to provide basic banking services to the customers of financial institutions, especially those who do not have access to smartphones or broadband internet.

Implementing such a solution addresses a wide range of objectives, including:

  • Expanding financial inclusion and banking penetration by improving access to banking services and increasing the efficiency of banking operations performed by the institution's customers
  • Facilitating access to banking services and reducing the burden on bank branches
  • Enhancing transaction security and protecting customer data
  • Improving the efficiency of banking operations and reducing operational costs
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through the convenience and accessibility of services

Among the functionalities provided by default are balance and transaction inquiries (last three transactions) for checking accounts, NIB/IBAN and SWIFT/BIC inquiries, internal account transfer orders, transfer orders to or from OIC accounts, and bill payments.

In terms of future development, the functional evolution of the solution will be maintained according to the identified needs in the various markets where Asseco PST operates and the customers of each of the financial institutions it works with.

Developed internally and made available by the Digital Division of Asseco PST, the solution is already in the installation phase for Asseco PST clients