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Asseco Data Systems becomes one of the largest IT company

The Management Board of Asseco Poland decided to establish the company of Asseco Data Systems S.A. (ADS). It was created by combining 6 Polish subsidiaries of Asseco Group, namely ADH-Soft Sp. z o.o., CK Zeto Łódź S.A., Combidata Poland Sp. z o.o., Z.U.I Otago Sp. z o.o., PI Zeto Bydgoszcz S.A., and Unizeto Technologies S.A. Asseco Data Systems is a provider of IT products and services based on proprietary and third-party software and ICT infrastructure. The company’s business is focused on enterprises and government organizations operating in local markets.

Asseco Data Systems combines strong expertise and many years of experience of all of its constituent companies. It offers IT solutions and software for local administration and enterprises. ADS also provides dedicated IT systems for customers on the national level, such as leasing companies and financial institutions. Moreover, it is the largest electronic signature center operating in Poland. The company’s operations furthermore include the management of electronic documents as well as mass print-out and e mailing services. It became a leading provider of training services and web-based platforms for human capital management and e-learning. Finally, ADS also manages modern data processing centers. 

“This company is a combination of unique expertise of nearly a thousand of IT experts and specialists,” said Andrzej Dopierała, CEO of Asseco Data Systems S.A. “Hence, we are able to become a reliable partner in the creation, development and maintenance of IT systems and infrastructure,” he added.

The main purpose of establishing Asseco Data Systems is to create better opportunities for business growth for its constituent companies by working together. This allows us to gain bigger contracts and raise additional capital to finance our investments. The company also benefits from the significant potential resulting from Asseco’s brand awareness and well-established market position. The large scale operations of ADS also translate into its stronger standing within the whole Asseco Group. The company created joint offers with other subsidiaries of the Group, including Asseco Business Solutions which specializes in ERP systems. The offering of ADS includes several products with potential for international distribution that can be accomplished with the assistance of Asseco’s foreign operations.

“The establishing of ADS brings measurable benefits to our existing and prospective clients that will have access to a broader portfolio of innovative and competitive products, services and solutions,” commented Andrzej Dopierała. “With greater potential, extensive know-how and a very good knowledge of the customer needs, our company is able to become an even better partner to work with,” he added.