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Asseco’s solution to support Polish Armed Forces’ training

Asseco will deliver its portable ground control station control panel – Asseco GCS – to the Military Institute of Armament Technology. This is Asseco’s proprietary solution, dedicated to the control and supervision of operations performed by unmanned platforms of various types. Its implementation is scheduled for the end of September 2016.

Institute’s purchase of the Asseco GCS fits into its strategy of creating a training center for military operators of unmanned platforms and unmanned systems’ certification unit for the Polish Armed Forces.

Zdzisław Wiater, Deputy Director of the Public Administration Division at Asseco Poland – ‘This is the first contract for the purchase of Asseco GCS, which we have created and have been developing according to our own ideas and vision from the very beginning. It is a part of an embedded simulation environment intended for unmanned systems operators’ training. What sets them apart is the fact that it can work with multiple platforms from different manufacturers as well as support standards, including the NATO standard.’

The solution is built according to the standards and recommendations in force in NATO and in the US. This means that Asseco’s control panel is optimized for use in difficult field conditions, including during heavy rain, snow or severe frost (the operator can control it while wearing gloves). The entire mission can be performed using the sticks only – peripheral devices are not required.

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