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Asseco's system to help manage parking lots

Asseco has implemented an IT system for handling and management of the paid parking zone in Rzeszów. It is a supplementary solution to the Rzeszów Intelligent Transport System (RITS).

The system is intended to improve the conditions for the operation of public transportation in the center of Rzeszów by assisting the city residents with parking their vehicles and reducing the time spent on searching for a vacant parking space. The contract worth nearly PLN 11.6 million has been co financed by the European Union. 

Thanks to the implemented solutions, finding a vacant parking space will be much quicker. The city installed 12 parking navigation boards which will indicate the number of available parking spaces and direct drivers to the least congested area. In addition, such boards can be used at any time for traffic management by displaying various road signs or information. Drivers will be able to pay for parking in cash or using contactless payment cards (PayPass, PayWave) at 130 units at various locations.

“We want Rzeszów to develop dynamically and, above all, to be a friendly city to all of its residents and visitors,” said Jerzy Tabin, Director of the Municipal Administration of Marketplaces and Parking Lots in Rzeszów. “The system for handling and management of the paid parking zone is capable of exchanging information with the city’s traffic and public transportation system; hence they are complementary to one another. Through the adopted solutions, we want to change the drivers’ commuting habits and encourage more people to use public transportation,” he added.

Asseco has designed the flow of traffic inside the paid parking zone and the related management system, together with variable display boards and parking ticket vending machines powered by batteries and solar cells. Furthermore, the company helped with establishing the Paid Parking Zone Management Center that has been provided with miscellaneous ICT equipment, including servers, portable and desktop computers, network equipment, and staff trainings. The whole contract performed on a design and build basis was completed by Asseco within just 6 months.

“In this project, all of our subcontractors were Polish companies, mainly from the Subcarpathian region,” commented Adam Góral, President of Asseco Poland S.A. “This project is a perfect example of effective cooperation between Polish entrepreneurs. I believe that, whenever possible, Polish companies should support each other in business,” he added.

Asseco is one of the largest employers in the region. The company’s Rzeszów-based headquarters is the place of work for more than 520 people. Asseco is also one of the founders of the Subcarpathian Business Club which today brings together more than 600 companies and is one of the most active organizations of this type in Poland. Moreover, the company has for many years been engaged in the promotion of its region, among others, by being the major sponsor of the volleyball team Asseco Resovia Rzeszów.