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KSI ZUS among IT Leaders

During the "IT Leader 2017" Gala, the Computerworld's editorial team honored Asseco's Comprehensive IT System for the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) with a special award. The solution is the largest and one of the most important IT systems in Poland. KSI ZUS has been operating for nearly 20 years and it processes 900 million documents and calculates contributions totaling PLN 190 billion annually. The editorial staff appreciated the fact that despite such a huge scale of operations, the system has never failed over these years, and retirees and pensioners have always received their benefits on time. The award for KSI ZUS was presented by Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy Elżbieta Rafalska, and received by Vice President of ZUS responsible for IT Krzysztof Dyki.

At present, KSI ZUS settles contributions equal to half of Poland's annual budget, and also exchanges data with a dozen or so state institutions, including the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, the Central Statistical Office (GUS), the National Health Fund (NFZ) and the National Bank of Poland (NBP). The system serves 25 million citizens, including insured persons, beneficiaries and payers. The IT solutions used in the system are able to easily handle the collection and processing of approx. 300 terabytes of data and 250,000 operations per second. This shows the scale, complexity and importance of the system for every Polish citizen.

I am proud that it is the Asseco team that has created such a key IT system for our country as KSI ZUS. It is one of those projects in the history of computerization of Poland, which confirms that Polish IT sector is able to operate at the highest global level. This is thanks to the work of Asseco's specialists, who take care of the retirement pensions of millions of Poles and are able to adapt the system to legal changes on time. In the case of such an important system, there is no room for errors or experimentation. Asseco is best prepared to deal with KSI ZUS and we have proven many times that we are a supplier that guarantees its stability and security, said Vice President of Asseco Poland Tadeusz Dyrga.

KSI ZUS is a system that does not need to be advertised. Not only the system, but also people who created it have never failed and we should remember about it. That is why I would like to thank our employees, as well as our technological partners for their efforts and contribution, thanks to which I can collect the award on their behalf, said Vice President of ZUS Krzysztof Dyki.

It is the largest nation-wide system, a symbol of Polish computerization in the sector of public solutions and a proof of high Polish intellectual capital in the new technology sector, he added.

The Computerworld's "IT Leader" competition has been organized for 21 years and has included over 1,000 companies and institutions from various sectors of the public administration sector. The competition is open to those entities which make effective use of innovative ICT solutions in their daily operations and serve as role models for other companies. The "IT Leader" title has become a valued distinction on the market, and the conference and the gala accompanying this event every year provide an opportunity for a substantial debate on the most important issues related to computerization of Poland.