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Launch of the Electronic services portal for criminal proceedings (e-case)

Since March 21, 2022 the Electronic services portal for criminal proceedings ( has started its operation. It was developed under the agreement of modernization and implementation of the Integrated Information System of Penal Process (IISPP) software signed by the Information Technology and Communications Department under the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and Asseco Lithuania (consortium leader).

The following electronic services are provided to the participants of a pre-trial investigation in the Electronic Services Portal:

  • summoning a person participating in the pre-trial investigation;
  • review of procedural documents related to the pre-trial investigation and ordering document copies;
  • signing the submitted procedural documents by electronic signature;
  • informing about the resolutions and proceedings of the pre-trial investigation;
  • submitting of requests, complaints and additional information related to the pre-trial investigation;
  • managing payments related to the pre-trial investigation.

The portal contributes to reducing the use of paper documents, time spent for printing and sending documents, reducing manual work required to digitize paper documents, making more efficient transmitting of information, requests, summons and other data to the pre-trial investigation participants, and the whole pre-trial investigation process. The portal ensures a secure access to information and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The portal is integrated with the IISPP system, SIRIP (State Information Resource Interoperability Platform), TEISIS (State Guaranteed Legal Aid Service Information System) and the Register of Attorneys of Lithuania. Integrations enable unambiguously identified users of the portal to receive relevant information about the pre-trial investigation in which they are participating, to correspond with the pre-trial investigation investigator, to submit new procedural documents and / or complaints regarding the ongoing pre-trial investigation. This saves both the investigator's and the person's time. Integration with the register of attorneys allows attorneys to remotely access the case documentation, provide procedural documents regarding pre-trial investigation.

More than 1,000 users instead of the planned 500 were trained during the project.