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Asseco Evolution sets the tone for three major events in Africa

Asseco PST has just completed a trilogy of conferences in its key African markets. Dubbed with the suggestive name "Asseco Evolution - Driving Innovation, in the Present and in the Future," the events sequentially passed through Luanda, Praia, and Maputo, always with full rooms and engaged audiences.

Primarily aimed at our clients in the three geographies (Angola, Cape Verde, and Mozambique), the conferences brought together the majority of bank executives in each market. Directors and administrators from various financial institutions we collaborate with were prominent in all audiences, which always made us proud.

Presentations and discussions were invariably associated with banking modernization and the central role of technology. With a similar guiding thread at each conference, we presented to clients the new core banking offering in the cloud (Asseco CB), discussed the evolution of BANKA, and talked about our offering in the digital channels area, Asseco OCP - Omnichannel Platform.

Each event featured the presence of our CEO, Daniel Araújo, our administrator José Nunes, as well as several area managers to lead the presentations of our solutions. And because we are an active part of a global technology group and members of one of Europe's largest software providers, we had three Polish representatives from the Asseco Group's headquarters with us: Bartlomiej Bartosiewicz, Wojciech Nowak, and Mariusz Poręba.

Outside the rooms where the events took place, we had what we designated as the Innovation Space, an area where clients could watch demonstrations of the solutions on display. This was, after all, proof of Asseco PST's innovation capacity and its vision for the future.

Each of these conferences allowed us to strengthen the close relationships we maintain with all our clients. At the same time, as we work internally to anticipate trends, we want to continue to monitor the evolution of the financial industry in our various geographies. Now that the pandemic crisis seems like a distant episode in our collective life, Asseco PST's in-person events are once again indelibly marking our agendas.