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Asseco the largest IT company in Rzeczpospolita ranking

Asseco again became the leader of the "IT, telecommunications, new media" category in the "List of 2000" ranking. This is a list of the largest companies in Poland prepared by the editors of the daily newspaper "Rzeczpospolita". The list is created on the basis of the companies' performance. In 2022, Asseco generated record-breaking revenues reaching PLN 17.4 billion.

Asseco's revenues are very well diversified. In 2022, the general business sector was responsible for 42% of sales, the banking and finance sector accounted for 33% and public institutions for 25%. In addition, the company strengthened its position in all geographic segments. Foreign sales accounted for 90% of the Asseco Group's revenues.

2022 was a record year for us both in terms of sales and net profit attributable to shareholders. We are extremely pleased with this, as the economic environment has been and continues to be challenging. Inflation, the war across our eastern border, and the still-felt effects of the pandemic all make organizations more cautious about investing, including in technology. Fortunately, the nature of the projects we run means that we can count on stability. Despite the uncertain times, we continue to consistently pursue our strategy based on the development of our proprietary software and related services, as well as strong geographic, sector and product diversification, Adam Góral, President of Asseco Poland, summarized last year's results.