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Asseco will improve the exchange of reconnaissance data within the NATO coalition

Asseco is the first Polish company to introduce a solution that enables the transfer and use of data available on military CSD servers directly from analytical software. CSD_eP is based on the ArcGIS Pro platform and allows the collection, storage and sharing of reconnaissance data within the NATO coalition.


The Coalition Shared Data (CSD) systems enable the rapid sharing of reconnaissance data, i.e. satellite images, reports, maps or drone videos, between parties. The Asseco’s solution is integrated with Esri's state-of-the-art ArcGIS pro analytical software. As a result, from a single application, military analysts can access the CSD server, search and download the necessary materials, perform analytical work, create a product such as a report and upload it back to the server. Such a solution streamlines work and allows for the ongoing exchange of strategic information within the North Atlantic alliance.  


"CSD servers have been used for years by military services around the world. They allow rapid sharing of reconnaissance data between units scattered in different parts of the globe. This is a strategic technology that, especially in times of a crisis, is even essential. That's why, as the first company in Poland, we undertook the implementation and created the CSD_eP system. We are currently in talks to implement CSD_eP in military services that are part of NATO," said Anna Protasowicka, Commercial Director, Asseco Poland.

"The CSD_eP solution facilitates and streamlines the exchange of reconnaissance data thanks to servers that synchronize metadata among themselves. Networked NATO units can view and search materials by metadata, which are concise and structured descriptions of the contents. This ensures that the system is not overloaded, as the relevant data is retrieved only after the initial analysis," explains Konrad Żaba, IT Solutions Architect, Asseco Poland.


Asseco's solution was tested at this year's NATO CWIX and was accredited to operate in a classified network. More than two thousand participants from 43 countries took part in the Coalition Combat Interoperability Exercise. It was an opportunity to improve ways of exchanging strategic information and communicating between information systems. NATO CWIX is one of the largest and most important trainings within the North Atlantic Alliance. The innovations developed during the exercises make it possible to improve existing technologies, as well as to create completely new systems that change the way we work on the battlefield.


Asseco is the largest IT group in Poland and the Central and Eastern European region. For more than 30 years it has been developing technologically advanced software for companies and institutions in key economic sectors. The company is present in 61 countries around the world and employs nearly 33,000 people. It has been growing organically as well as through acquisitions. Asseco companies are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), NASDAQ and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.