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Asseco helps Golden Sand Bank to expand with cooperation of IBM

A new German-based division of a Golden Sand Bank will set up its operations on Asseco’s Core Banking solution and IBM Services.

Asseco Poland announced today, that it will build a fully digital bank in Germany, a new division of Golden Sand Bank. While building the new division in Germany, Golden Sand Bank will use Asseco Core Banking solution, IBM software as a Service applications, and a new cloud-based IBM Bank in a Box solution, in order to integrate its operations with European payments systems such as SWIFT and SEPA-SCT. The solution will also enable to define the products and administer contracts including current accounts, credit and debit cards.

Asseco is not only a leading provider of software for the banks in Poland but also it consistently marks up its presence on the foreign markets. Our original systems are being implemented in Austria, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Nigeria and Vietnam among others. The collaboration with IBM is one of the paths to strengthen our international recognition in the financial sector. The established cooperation has resulted in a mutual offer and realization of the first projects with example of setting up a Golden Sand Bank last year and starting works over its expansion in Germany. The Golden Sand Bank's banking systems use IBM infrastructure and services and the Asseco business software – said Zbigniew Pomianek, Vice President of Asseco Poland Management Board.

This is another milestone of Golden Sand Bank, an online wealth management project, which was launched last year. As the fintech business model requires an agile approach with no upfront investment, and in order to build the foundation for its new business, Golden Sand Bank chose IBM to deploy together with Asseco a cloud-based “bank-in-a-box” solution developed by teams from IBM Services. The solution employs the IBM Cloud hybrid platform for the banking solution along with services based on IBM data centers in Poland.


The Bank-in-a-Box solution allows for setting up a bank in 6 months only. It greatly reduces the implementation costs and lowers the financial loss risk. The solution supports regular changes and provides for continuing the development with new services – said Artur Wróblewski, Global Technology Services, Leader, IBM Polska.


Asseco Poland is the biggest Polish IT company floated on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the sixth software producer in Europe. It leads the international Asseco Group that is operating in 54 states with workforce of over 24 thousand people. Creating software for banks is one of the key areas of Asseco Poland's activity; the company offers solutions that correspond with the latest trends of the world baking. Thanks to the gained experience and competences, Asseco has implemented its IT solutions (core baking engine) in over 800 banks.