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Technology journalists awarded for the first time in the Grand Press competition

In this year's 27th edition of the Grand Press competition, a special prize was awarded for the first time - Grand Press Digital and Technology. The winners were Agata Kaźmierska and Wojciech Brzeziński of Tygodnik Powszechny. Asseco was a partner of the award. Grand Press is one of the most important awards for journalists in Poland.

Grand Press Digital and Technology is an award aimed at recognizing journalists who demonstrate special expertise, reliability and competence in producing materials that deal with the digital and technological environment.

The new technology industry in Poland already has 600,000 employees who are successful both at home and abroad. That is why we decided to recognize journalists who can write not only about bits and bytes, but also about the successes of the Polish IT sector and show Poland as a modern country, said Artur Wiza, Vice President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland, who presented the award to the winners. Our industry invests in artificial intelligence, but today we will reward those who have human intelligence and are behind these great texts, he added.

Asseco is a leader in digitization in Poland and the largest IT company in the Central and Eastern European region. It actively works on digital transformation and promotes the technology sector. Asseco was a partner of the Grand Press Digital and Technology special award established this year, which was presented as part of the Grand Press - one of the oldest and most prestigious journalistic competitions in Poland.