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Asseco Central Europe enters into strategic partnership with CEIT

Bratislava, September 19th, 2017. The company Asseco Central Europe has expanded its portfolio of products and services by investing in the technological company CEIT, forming a strategic partnership. The Central European Institute of Technology (CEIT) offers state-of-the-art and high-quality solutions for both, the industry and services. The group of quick-growing companies, which the CEIT represents, was able to successfully apply its innovative products especially in the automotive industry.

Nearly 250 of highly qualified CEIT specialists investigate technical and process innovations, industrial automation, structural and material engineering, and also the area of education. Research and development, which is the dominating factor of this company, is accompanied flexibly with practice. Its annual earnings amount to approx. EUR 22 mil.

“CEIT is a modern company that by its innovative approach, but mainly its solutions and products in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, will enrich the Asseco group with new trends and competencies, which we would like to advance jointly to the international level. I believe that this great potential created by joining our companies will advance us significantly in the research and development area,” said Jozef Klein, CEO Asseco CE, on the occasion of signing the contract.

The CEIT group specializes in connecting physical industrial systems and intelligent cyber processes within the meaning of the Industry 4.0 concept earmarked as the industrial revolution number four. The objective is to ensure higher productivity and competitiveness of company’s customers through its solutions. “By entering into strategic partnership with Asseco Central Europe, CEIT has opened the space for broader application of its innovative potential on the international level, with the aim to grow faster on international markets. Joining the competencies of Asseco Central Europe and CEIT creates space for the synergy of new solutions and top innovations for the industry in the spirit of Industry 4.0,” expressed Branislav Mičieta, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CEIT, on the occasion of signing this contract.