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Grupa Polsat Plus, with Asseco Poland’s support, has implemented a new telecommunications service management system

Asseco Technical Order Management is an advanced solution that automates and accelerates the management of telecommunications services. Its application shortens the process of launching new services, enables changes in subscriptions of large groups of customers and significantly reduces operating costs. The venture is another example of partnership between some of Poland's largest companies – Grupa Polsat Plus and Asseco Poland.

Implemented in the Plus network, the Asseco Technical Order Management (ATOM) module streamlines the flow of information between systems and significantly reduces the time required to launch and manage telecommunications services, resulting in improved efficiency and better preparation of the organization for the implementation of new solutions.

We decided on a new system for managing telecommunications services because we wanted to use a modern solution that would increase the efficiency, flexibility of configuration and reliability of the software in use. Asseco proved to be the right partner in this case, meeting our expectations. The main objective of this project was to reduce operating costs, decrease failure rates and shorten the time needed to launch new telecommunications services, and enable the implementation of mass changes in customer subscriptions," said Radosław Semkło, IT Director, Grupa Polsat Plus. "It was important for us that the replacement of such a critical and extremely complex system should proceed without affecting the IT environment and current business operations, as well as the transformation of the environment for individual customers (B2C), which was being carried out simultaneously. The entire implementation was carried out without noticeable service interruptions. Migrations from the previous Oracle Communications solution to ATOM were carried out continuously, making the changes invisible to the end customer. As part of the project, we moved more than 20 million subscriptions, and the system allows us to handle several hundred thousand orders per hour. This not only significantly increased work efficiency, but also led to a several-fold decrease in IT maintenance costs.


When implementing Asseco Technical Order Management for Grupa Polsat Plus, we were tasked with replacing a very complex system, which, in terms of interfaces, is fully compatible with the previous solution. The compatibility of the systems was proven in tests, and the implementations and migration proceeded without affecting the IT environment and business operations. Maintaining the continuity of processes in such a critical project was a major challenge that ended successfully, said Szymon Marzec, Project Area Director, Asseco Poland.

Tools have been implemented in the Asseco system to help manage services. These include an engine (Atom Core), a catalog of technical products and services (Atom Inventory) and a module for communicating with other network systems (Atom Service Activator).

The implementation of Asseco Technical Order Management has also translated into the end customer experience. By accelerating the launch of services on the operator's network, service availability increased, and the time required to activate cards and enable new variants of the offer was significantly reduced. As a result, the Plus network easily met the challenge of the sudden, several-fold increase in demand for changes resulting from the start of the war in Ukraine and the associated mass registrations of new subscribers. The increase in system capacity also allowed for the smooth implementation of the annual "Roam Like At Home" regulation on EU data limits for the entire postpaid subscriber base, without affecting ongoing business operations.