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A New Location of Asseco and New Jobs in Cracow

Asseco’s Cracow-based IT center has been moved from an old house at Podwale St. to a modern office building at Wielicka St. It is a workplace for 130 software developers, who implement projects for companies in the telco, banking and insurance sectors.

Asseco’s Cracow-based IT center has been moved from an old house at Podwale St. to a modern office building at Wielicka St. It is a workplace for 130 software developers, who implement projects for companies in the telecommunications, banking and insurance sectors.


“Among us are co-developers of one of the most advanced mobile operator billing systems, co-authors of e-commerce portals for two of the three leading mobile operators, developers of low-level SMS/MMS processing platforms that support the largest media events in Poland,” says Radosław Semkło, Director of the Telecommunications and Media Division at Asseco Poland.


The new location of Asseco in Cracow is a modern class A office building, equipped with soundproof windows, air conditioning, and a parking lot. Our project teams work in rooms of several people. In addition, this location offers a set of video and teleconferencing rooms, allowing for the efficient organization of meetings with people from other offices.


“We have intentionally resigned from an open-space approach, because our experience shows that comfortable working conditions positively affect the creativity and productivity. Thanks to our excellent network infrastructure it is also possible to work securely on a remote basis,” emphasizes Radosław Semkło.


The Cracow branch of Asseco’s Telecommunications and Media Division employs nearly 100 engineers, including analysts, architects, software developers and administrators. Most of them have many years of experience in developing Business Support Systems for telecom operators and media companies. By the end of the year they will be joined by colleagues working in a different location of Asseco, Zabierzów near Cracow, who are specialized in the field of Business Intelligence.


Asseco continually recruits people to IT-related occupations. We need software developers: programmers, architects, testers and designers (especially those specialized in C++, WebMethods, and PeopleSoft technologies) but this is not all. Many job offers are addressed to system administrators, database administrators, as well as those specializing in the implementation of software solutions, including analysts, implementation engineers, and project managers.


“Concurrently to concluding new contracts, we continue to execute our implementation and maintenance projects for telecommunication operators and media companies. We are looking for engineers – software developers, architects, testers – those who are experienced, but also those who are just building their know-how. Over the coming year we intend to employ an additional 150 persons in our Telco Division, some of them will be based in Cracow,” adds Radosław Semkło.


Asseco Poland is the largest employer in the Polish IT sector. The company employs nearly 4,500 people, most of whom are professionals with expertise in IT technologies, software development and implementation methods, as well as with business experience and knowledge of key industries. The company focuses on long-term cooperation. Being one of the leading software houses in Europe and a contractor for the largest IT projects in Poland, Asseco provides unique opportunities to enhance professional skills and take on new challenges. The company is a valued employer which many employees choose to be associated with for a long time – the average period of work at Asseco is now 8 years. Benefits offered by Asseco to its employees include training courses, healthcare and insurance coverage, and sporting activities, just to mention a few.


Asseco is a provider of comprehensive proprietary solutions that are capable of handling multi-million customer databases and have been customized to meet the specific needs of telecommunication companies. Asseco solutions have been present in this sector for over 20 years, which resulted in many strategic partnerships with major European telecoms that appreciate our in-depth industry expertise as well as flexibility of our solutions. Our product portfolio includes billing systems, fraud detection systems, sales and CRM applications, portal applications, data warehouses, BI tools, and many more. Asseco provides converged solutions that enable the issuance of one invoice per household. Our software solutions are used by both mobile and fixed-line telephony operators.


Asseco Group operates in nearly 40 countries and employs more than 16,000 employees. The company is one of the major software producers in the European market – from 2009 till today it has ranked in the first ten of the “TOP100 European Software Vendors” ( In 2010, Asseco Group launched its business operations in Israel by acquiring the largest IT company in that country. Whereas, in 2013 we entered the Russian market. The company’s further international expansion plans include Africa.